Description of Project Location Map


The project location map is presented on an aerial background and depicts the project limits. The project limits, which are approximately 2.5 miles in length, are represented by a blue line which begins at the southern terminus at County Road 532 and continues north to Sinclair Road. In addition to the project limits, the map depicts the locations of Interstate 4, State Road 429, Tradition Boulevard, and Reunion Boulevard in relation to the project. The Osceola/Polk County Line is shown with a gray dashed line. The Reunion Resort and Encore Resort are also labeled. Property appraiser parcel lines are shown in black to delineate the properties shown in the project location map. i. There are three labels on the map: the first is a Begin Project label in a black and white call out box pointing to County Road 532; the second is an End Project label in a black and white box pointing to Sinclair Road. The third label is a black and white box identifying the bridge over Interstate 4 (Bridge #924179). Finally, the bridge over Interstate 4 is also identified by a red rectangular box.


A legend of the county line and project limits symbology is located near the top left corner of the map. A black and white scale bar that shows 0, 0.25, and 0.5 mile increments is also shown in black and white and is located in the top right corner directly under a black and white arrow which indicates due north.


The bottom left-hand corner of the map shows the Osceola County logo; it also lists the name of the project, the Old Lake Wilson Road PD&E Study; the limits of the project, which are from County Road 532 to Sinclair Road. Finally, located in the bottom right-hand corner is the map title - Project Location Map.