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Old Lake Wilson Road PD&E Study

From County Road (CR) 532 to Sinclair Road

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a PD&E Study?

A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study is a process that adheres to the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. The PD&E Study identifies the need for a transportation project and then develops balanced solutions, known as alternatives, to meet the project need. The process focuses on analyzing alternatives that minimize impacts to the natural, social, cultural and physical environments. It also involves extensive public involvement and agency coordination. Please note that the no-build or do nothing alternative remains a viable option throughout the PD&E Study.


Why is the study being conducted?

The PD&E Study is being conducted to address existing and future traffic volumes, to improve safety and to evaluate the addition of bicycle and pedestrian features.


How long will the PD&E Study take to complete?

The PD&E Study began in December 2020 and is anticipated to be completed by Fall 2023. For further information and an up-to-date schedule for this project, see the Schedule page.


Where will the project documents be posted?

The documents page will contain all project documents and public meeting materials as they become available.


How can I get involved?

A Public Meeting and a Public Hearing will be held as shown in the project schedule. If desired, you may also request a small group or home owner’s association meeting. We encourage you to check the website regularly for the latest project-related information. Please visit the comments section of the website to be added to the mailing list.


Will the project accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians?

The project will evaluate a range of options including on-street bicycle lanes, sidewalks and shared use paths. One of the goals of the study is to develop alternatives that accommodate all users, including motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.


How is the project being funded?

Osceola County is funding the PD&E Study. It is anticipated that future phases of the project, including final design, right of way (if required) and construction, will be funded, at least in part, with federal funds.


What is the next step after the PD&E Study?

If a “build” alternative is selected, and funding is available, the County will initiate the final design phase of the project where construction plans are produced.


When will the project be constructed?

Following the PD&E Study, final design, right of way and construction would take place depending on the availability of funding. A project of this magnitude can take between 5 and 7 years to complete from the PD&E Study phase to construction depending on funding availability.


How far into the future will the study consider?

The project will evaluate transportation needs out to the year 2050.


I noticed there are many other projects in the area. Can you provide an initial list?

The following projects in the study area are in varying stages of the project development process. For more information, please visit the respective agency websites.


• FDOT: I-4 / CR 532 Interchange (444187-1): Construction of a new interchange to begin in 2021.


• FDOT: I-4 Beyond the Ultimate from CR 532 to Osceola Parkway (FM 431456-1): Final design is ongoing.


• Central Florida Expressway Authority: CR 532 from Lake Wilson Road to US 17/92 (Project #538-235): Final design for a two to four lane facility.


• Central Florida Expressway Authority: SR 538 from CR 532 to South of US 17/92 (Project # 538-235A-20): Final design for a new expressway.


• Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise: Poinciana Parkway Extension PD&E Study (FM 446581-1): A PD&E Study evaluating the extension of the Poinciana Parkway (SR 538) from CR 532 to the I-4/SR 429 Interchange. This project also included the widening of SR 429 from Sinclair Road to Seidel Road.


• Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise: Widen Western Beltway (SR 429) PD&E Study (FPID: 446164-1) from north of I-4/SR 429 Interchange to Seidel Road. The study is anticipated to be complete in 2023.


Osceola County: Celebration Boulevard Extension Feasibility Study from CR 532 to the Mattamy Homes Development.


Osceola County: Sinclair Road Extension PD&E Study from Traditions Boulevard to Bella Cita Boulevard. The project is anticipated to move to the design phase early 2023.




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Old Lake

Wilson Road

PD&E Study

From County Road (CR) 532 to Sinclair Road